Here is a video discourse in Hindi. It was recorded last year. A translated abstract for you, as follows:

Most want to know what is right versus wrong for them, what kind of karma should they do, what is karma, what is bad karma, what is forbidden karma and what is good karma. The subject is karma, action. Before I delve deeper, let us turn to Bhagavad Gita. Wisdom, doer and action are of three types. Karma that is not inspired by jealousy or greed, the one that is done with non-attachment is the type that is going to give you peace and contentment.

Often people do karma with attachment to attaining the fruits of such karma. A common question is how is it possible to do anything with detachment? It seems only natural that to enjoy the outcome of the karma, are we prompted to perform such action at the first place. If I am hungry, it is only normal that to fulfill my hunger I am going to intake food. Eating food to pacify your hunger, that is okay. Attachment is when you begin to specify the type and variety of food you believe you require to fulfill your need. That binds one.

Krishna instructs Arjuna on the karma of three types. First, the karma that is sātvika, the one done in the mode of goodness, second, rājasī, performed in the mode of passion and third, tāmasī, the one done in the mode of ignorance. With sātvika karma, one gains liberation and inner peace, with rājasī, one gets pleasure and becomes attached, and with tāmasī, one experiences downfall of the body, mind and soul. This is the fundamental nature of three modes of material nature. The first one liberates, the other ties and the third one causes the decline.

Hare Krishna.

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