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Yes, it's all free for you here.

Everything on works on the honor code. That is, you can pay nothing or whatever you like.

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Om Swami's Writings


Everything on is free.

You can read any post, access any course, virtual retreat or a live event without paying a cent. But "free" has its own issues. Trolling being one of them. The privacy of my readers is of utmost importance to me and hence the comments on this site are only readable by those who have the Comments Privilege Pass. Doing so helps in keeping out mere curious onlookers, trolls and search engines away. Your comments remain protected and you can express yourself well knowing that only like minded, kind people will read it.

The chief purpose of a privilege pass is to protect the privacy and expression of my readers by not exposing the comments section to the whole world.

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Spirituality should have no commerical value attached to it, right? That's the most common gripe of a lot of users who write to me.

Yes, spirituality is and should be free. Unfortunately, our vendors, infrastructure partners and service providers see it differently. That is, all the services on cost us a fair bit.

Despite the costs, I've made free forever.

A Truthful and Kind Community


We celebrate diversity on and pride ourselves in bringing you the kindest and most truthful community on the internet.

Feel free to write participate in comments on our platform. You will never be judged or trolled. We only allow positive comments and you are welcomed with an open heart.

Courses for Self Transformation


I started writing on this platform in 2011 and a large majority of my readers still read my posts even today. This is the only place on the internet where I write and so when anyone comments on my posts, I read it.

A Privilege Pass simply is a way to keep my interactions with my readers safe and private to the extent where they are only accessible by a small number of people most of whom share similar values and interests.

Free Life Guidance


It's important to reiterate: the sole purpose of a privilege pass is to keep the users' comments restricted to a kind and loving community of readers we have built over the last 12 years.

All content on is free.

Big Savings through Premium Memberships


A privilege pass is not designed to make money in any way shape or form.

The total annual revenue from privilege pass does not cover even one-third of our costs.

Whether it's hosting our website, video platform, or hiring a developer, or the many plugins that we run, we pay every year (except the developers and designers whom we pay by the hour) in US dollars at industry rates. No discounts.

A Privilege Pass is completely optional. You don't have to buy it if you don't wish to participate in comments.

Privilege Pass

Prices in (USD)


$11.00 This pass gives you the privilege to participate in comments on You only need this if you wish to read or write comments. 1 Year Validity Includes 18% GST (Rs. 170).


$111.00 This pass gives you the privilege to participate in comments on You only need this if you wish to read or write comments. Valid Forever Includes 18% GST (Rs. 1680).

Frequently Asked Questions

What's included in a Privilege Pass?

The completely optional Privilege Pass gives you the ability to participate in comments on this site. This helps us in keeping our community safe and private.

How does payment work?

Payment is made securely on this site via credit card or debit card. You may elect to have your privilege pass to auto-renew every 12 months during checkout if you choose an annual plan. We use Stripe, arguably the world's best and most secure payment processor. In India, we use Razorpay.

Can I upgrade or change my plan later?

Of course. You may change or update your plan at any time from within your account settings.

What if I cannot afford a Privilege Pass?

Just don't get it in that case because you don't require any pass to access writings and courses on this website. A Privilege Pass is completely optional.

How do I save my course progress?

If you have a Privilege Pass, simply login and your progress will be saved for any course material you access after login. If you don't have any account on, you can create a free account by clicking here.

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