What is os.me?

Os.me is a community of spiritually inclined individuals who want to grow spiritually. Or use spiritual methods to address life situations. Our goal is to provide a safe corner on the internet where you can speak your truth without worrying about any negative reactions. We recognize that internet today has generated a culture where we don't feel comfortable talking about our deeper selves. You can talk about any aspect of your life truthfully and you would see os.me community extending their loving hands to cheer and support you.

Two aspects of our spiritual self are "Truth" and "Kindness" - that we often lose touch with. Those two happen to be foundational pillars for os.me, this is a place where you can be truthful without worrying about any negative reactions or trolling. We are proud of our community that believes in cherishing the truth even though it may not be a pleasant truth. You can read more about us here.

What can I do at os.me?

Simply put, at os.me you can (re)discover your spiritual self. You can share your experience or life situation in a member's post. Or ask questions, provide answers on a number of spiritual topics. Our founder Om Swami, writes every fortnight and those writings have guided many individuals to improve their lives and discover their path, you can read them and pick your learnings.

At os.me you also have virtual retreats on a few topics. These virtual retreats are video courses offered by Om Swami & other experienced practitioners in various spiritual areas. All instructors have a wealth of experience that they have tried to share in these retreats. You can learn from these courses at your own convenience.

While we allow all members to participate in the community, if you wish to interact with another member by writing comments on their posts you would need to be a premium member. This is by design to ensure that we can keep this corner of internet troll free. Premium members also receive discounts on all of our other offerings.

I am new to os.me, how do I start?

First off, a very warm welcome!

To start, you can write a post introducing yourself to the community. Talk about who you are - not professionally, not publicly but who you really are deep down. That would be the first step to start discovering your own truth. Some other things to try are:
1) Read community questions on various spiritual topics. Go ahead and reply to a question or ask your own question.
2) Search on any keyword or spiritual topic based on whatever you are looking for. With a rich repository of over 15000 posts written by our community, there is a chance that someone has been in the same boat as you.
3) Browse through spiritual topics that we cover and learn from seekers like yourself.

What do I get by being a part of os.me community?

Well, a more relevant question is what can you give to this community. Often, we think in terms of what can we get whenever we are thinking of anything new. But spiritual progress is a less about what you can get, it's more about what can you give. And here are things you can give to os.me community.

1) While interacting with our community, practice truthful speech. Try to think and speak truthfully from the bottom of your heart. Give your lying away.

2) Practice kindness not only when you are at os.me but also when you are not at os.me. Give all your negative feelings away.

3) Finally, spread the word if you can. A lot of us struggle with a number of areas in our lives only because we cannot find an outlet where we can speak our heart out or a place where we can get honest advice from kind hearted strangers. And many times, one wants to speak with strangers rather than friends, family or a professional. Give a gift of hope to someone by spreading the word.

That said, we have Karma Program which rewards you with Good Karma Points on every interaction that you do with our community. These karma points get converted to an income stream on monthly basis. To know more you can read through FAQs on Karma Program.

This all sounds great. What's the catch?

There is no catch here, our offering truly is unconditional. Our earnings are through Virtual Retreats and Premium Membership and those two revenue streams are used to fund Karma Program.

If you feel that internet needs a spiritual corner full of compassion, truthful behavior and kindness - you can support us by:
1) Becoming a premium member
2) Gifting a premium membership to someone
3) Purchasing a Virtual Retreat
4) Gifting a Virtual Retreat to someone. Each course has an option to purchase or gift.
5) Spreading the word by sharing whatever you liked with your friends, colleagues and family

That's it, the catch truly is if you would choose to support us or not. It's a request and hope, even without supporting us you can use most of os.me services as a free member.

I love os.me. What can I do to help?

Thank you for your love. All our efforts are meaningful only if we can reach out to a larger set of people with all teachings of Om Swami Ji and the awesome community at os.me. So the biggest help we need is for you to talk to others about os.me and invite them here.

Karma Program Payouts are supported by premium members at os.me. As we earn, we can invest more in Karma Program and helping the community. So next time you have an opportunity to give gifts, think about us. You can gift a premium membership or a premium course. All gifts are delivered instantaneously through email. You can view a sample of the gift emails as well.

I have some other questions that are not answered here, what do I do?

There are multiple ways that you can get an answer from us.

1) Community Help (Fastest) - We have an awesome community that would be able to help, you can go to recent questions and ask question in the open community. Any questions asked within Q&A are open for all community members to respond to and these questions are visible publicly.

2) Dealing with a life situation and want a non-judgemental advice - You are welcome to use our hotline service. The responses can take sometime due to the busy schedule of our life guides but they would take time out for you.

3) Your Account or Purchase related queries - If you have any questions related to your purchase or Karma Program, you can send a query via our contact form or write an email to us@os.me.


Gift a membership to someone you love. Go on, give them hope.

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