On May 29th, we completed a year of being on Swami Ji’s playground aka os.me. The original idea for making os.me a place that someone can visit for hope, truth and inspiration is not only alive but thriving. You have shared your truth and inspired others; you have given this platform a caring voice and joined Swami Ji in his purpose of putting hope in hearts. Quoting from the original announcement made by Swami Ji – 

My life’s purpose is to put hope in hearts. My core values are compassion and truth. My philosophy is love. I don’t let me forget that everything is impermanent, interconnected and transient. All things I do in my life, for myself and others, stem from the above.

You have also questioned what should or should not be on os.me and that is a question we have been working on. We are pleased to share with you os.me Themes & Ideas that would provide a basic framework of what would be relevant to a seeker of hope, joy and love. This is an effort to answer the question that some of you have asked. 

Six themes & many ideas

There are six broad themes that have been identified, which further have several ideas under each. These themes and ideas would also be used to catalogue the posts written on os.me so it becomes easier for readers to find the relevant post. This list of themes & ideas might undergo a change over time. This page, however, would always show you the current list of active themes and ideas. 

Our mission to create “the kindest and most truthful corner on the internet” remains the guiding principle in everything we do. You can think of these ideas as a colour palette to paint your corner. It can be a bright yellow of “devotion” or springy pink of “your passion” — take your pick. Sometimes, we need a different colour based on what we are feeling or seeking. That is the purpose of this colour palette. What’s more — if we have missed a shade, let us know in the comments below and it could be added. Happy writing and painting 🙂