Images: The Fourth Hurdle in Meditation

As you sit down to meditate, trying to build your concentration, random images start...

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Laziness in Meditation

Elephant is a sign of dullness in meditation. A skilled meditator uses acceptance and...

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The Practice of Concentrative Meditation

One of the best ways to increase your Brain Power

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Two Types of Meditation

"One who understands the reality of one thing, knows the reality of everything." -...

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Traṭaka — The Practice of Still Gaze

Trataka, or the practice of still gaze, is the art of perfecting and stilling...

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Shravana – The Practice of Listening

Good listening requires that you are attentive, in the present moment. And living in...

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Ekagrata — The Practice of Concentration

The practice of concentration is an absolute must for any meditator. It is the...

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From Conversations to Concentration

For good meditation and for a great memory, a meditator must develop the concentration...

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Sankalpa: The Practice of Resolve

Sankalpa is often compared to the perfectly stable and still Himalayas. A sincere seeker's...

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Meditation and Thoughts

In the beginning, thoughts continue to bother, unsettle and distract the meditator. With persistence...

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