The fog of disappointment dissipates quickly when the sun of wisdom shines.


What is behind procrastination and how to overcome it? Keep walking.


What do you find yourself thinking about most of the time?

I Love You

Have you said I-love-you to someone lately? What did you mean when you said it?

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Rajesh Kumar Ragothaman
Rajesh Kumar Ra...

Jeweller and Astanga Yoga practitioner. A Shiv bakth. I strongly believe that if I control my negative thoughts...

Shalini Pandey
Shalini Pandey

A simple fun loving person who loves to make other people smile and wants to be under guidance...

Rajesh Kodukula
Rajesh Kodukula

Mechanical Engineer by Profession, Seeker by Heart, His Holiness' Disciple by Soul. So far I have Spent time...

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The Power of an Ordinary Day

“You can find something truly important in an ordinary minute”...

Two Tasty Soups

If you are craving some hot and tasty food, but...

The Magical Rays of Healing and Blessings

The whole world needs healing right now and this is...

Lessons I Learnt from a Tree

Ultimately we are the parts of the same divine...

An Ocean in a Drawer

All that we hold dear...

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10 Reasons to Celebrate

Swamiji's discourse + a cool tool + 7 real experiences

10 Reasons to be Grateful + Magic of March at os.me

Om Swamiji’s Zoom sessions (Free!) + Why and How to be Grateful + Shout-outs

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Avatar of sonia kataria
Pain of missing someone

and the inability to truly let go

Avatar of evgeni evgeniev
Wonderful New World

When you think carefully the world can be quite different...

Avatar of snigdha
Has Shri Hari Abandoned Us?!

"I worship Shiv ji every single day. I meditate. He...

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A Prayer That Never Fails

Want to know the greatest benefit of being a sannyasin? Well, you never have to stand in front of your cupboard and think: what should I wear today? There is only one color. When I was initiated into sannyasa, I … Read more →

The Book of Kindness

‘A random act of kindness needn’t always be a material offering. Even a word of encouragement, a compliment, a helping hand can be equally, if not more, profound. Make such acts a habit and Nature will reciprocate in kind.’ In … Read more →

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