The Right to Die

Is a graceful voluntary exit better than dragging on with an unbearable life?

Just Like That : 0 – 40

The said and unsaid — a few chapters from the book of my life

When Loss Hurts

Here's a beautiful perspective on how to recover from your personal loss

Bondage of Beliefs

How a change in habits and perspective can completely set you free

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What's Happening

News and updates you need to know

Interactive Astrology

Do you know your ascendant sign and what it means?

The Most Important Thing

What is the most important thing in life?

The Truth of Astrology

Here are two exciting events in Bangalore and Delhi on a fascinating topic

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Quick Bites

2-min wisdom to last a lifetime

Lessons from a Thief

Learning can come from any corner for the right seeker

Living to the Fullest

Are you living to the fullest or just getting by?

Struggling with Self-Discipline?

Here are three tips to get your train back on track

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Initiates' Corner

Om Swami disciples-only content

Sadhana for Intuition and Wellbeing

Here is an easy but effective sadhana for you to do in the month of Kartika

Seeking Initiation?

I am not accepting new Level One requests at this time

Level Two Initiation

If you are seeking the second level of initiation...

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Virtual Retreats

Priceless wisdom for a small price

The Art of Meditation

Learn meditation in four days (and master it over a lifetime)

Devi Gyana Sadhana – Hindi

Five days of Immersive Devi Bhagavatam in Hindi.

Kundalini Meditation

Learn Kundalini meditation and all the kriyas associated with it.

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Awesome Books

16 delightful reads to choose from

A Prayer That Never Fails

Want to know the greatest benefit of being a sannyasin? Well, you never have to stand in front of your cupboard and think: what should I wear today? There is only one color. When I was initiated into sannyasa, I … Read more →

The Book of Kindness

‘A random act of kindness needn’t always be a material offering. Even a word of encouragement, a compliment, a helping hand can be equally, if not more, profound. Make such acts a habit and Nature will reciprocate in kind.’ In … Read more →

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Vedic Astrology

Interactive Tools

Featured Videos

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