An average human being goes through 60,000 thoughts in a span of 24 hours. Angry mind, agitated mind, disturbed mind, restless mind, talkative mind, lazy mind, or an untamed mind robs your inner peace and potential. In the various states of mind live a myriad of thoughts. And, beyond the flooding streams of thoughts awaits an ocean of bliss and infinite joy. Meditation is the river that merges effortlessly in that ocean. It’s an art anyone can master, a skill anyone can learn, a craft anyone can practice.

Most seekers complain that their mind wanders off when they try to meditate. The harder they focus, the more difficult it gets. Many have been meditating for years but they have not experienced any real benefits, they tell me. A lot many state that they don’t know where and how to start on the path of meditation.

The meditation I practice is chiefly based on Mahamudra, yoga sutras and my own experience of nearly 23 years. In this camp, I’ll expose you to the basics and the foundation of meditation for superior concentration and insight.

In this virtual retreat, you will learn about how to master the art of meditation, perfect your posture in meditation, develop a meditator’s mindset and overcome various hurdles on the path.

Total video content in this course: 8+ hours.
Language: English
Original Recording: Bangalore, India.
Month and Year: Jan 2019
Course Fee: $89

Click on any of the lessons below or here to purchase this course. You get two years of unlimited viewing. Please note that you will see the equivalent price in Indian rupees if you are accessing the website from India.

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