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2w ago
The Paradox of Praise

The great philosopher-sage Sri Aurobindo had something beautiful to say about praise.

1mo ago
Psychic Heat – Tummo

Know the benefits and practice of the ancient art of invoking psychic heat (or tummo as it is known in Tibetan).

3mo ago
An Ace Player

If you wish to do something great, you need a great team.

3mo ago
Original Settings

What is the difference between a teacher and a guru? Read the beautiful story.

4mo ago
Whoever Takes the Son…

Here's a beautiful story and an important announcement.

5mo ago
How Old Are You?

Maturity doesn't always come with age. Sometimes, age shows up on its own, they say.

5mo ago

What's the point in living a long life if you can't do things you love?

6mo ago
C’mon Lobster

A nice short story to help you see life a bit differently.

6mo ago
Your Story

Here is the last chapter from one of my upcoming books...

7mo ago
Three Handfuls of Rice

Here's a beautiful story, a lesson, and an update re the upcoming Sri Suktam event in October.

7mo ago

What seems like an impossible obstacle for a novice is but simply not a problem for a specialist.

8mo ago
The Illusion of Separation

How about some Vedic philosophy on a beautiful Saturday morning?

8mo ago
The Witness

Here's a beautiful story and a powerful method to ease your pain, no matter what the circumstances.

9mo ago
The Inferior Race

Know who are the best and the worst when it comes to ancestry. Or does race even play a role?

9mo ago
Fill It Up

Here's a beautiful story you wouldn't want to miss.