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2y ago
Six Aspects of Enlightenment

Here are six principles of awakening as elucidated by the great scholar Nagarjuna

2y ago
Four Kinds of Maturity

How mature do you think you are?

2y ago
What Makes You a Saint

In a world full of religious people, how do you identify a real saint?

2y ago

The desire to be respected is a giant hurdle on the spiritual path. One tiny episode of disrespect... and mental afflictions come running.

2y ago

What is the purpose of human life? And whatever it is, if any, what's the best way to realize it?

2y ago
Will You Regret it?

When you are at the crossroads, here is one way to ascertain which way to go.

2y ago
When the Dog Barks

Here's a funny story with a beautiful message...

2y ago
A Thick Skin

What does it take to realize your dream?

2y ago
Pirates of Empathy

It is the most powerful medium of human connection and healing. And yet, we all make unintentional mistakes while being empathetic.

2y ago
Eight Signs of Progress in Meditation

Here are eight unfailing signs that you are mastering the practice of meditation.

3y ago

Why did life ever bother to wake up?