The Secret of Great Communication

Here are three magic words that can take your communication skills to an entirely...

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The Mindful Chatterbox

If you want to enjoy the beauty of life then learn to turn off...

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A Word on Rumors

False rumors are like fleeting clouds. Don't react and they will dissipate on their...

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What Type of a Meditator are You?

Rewards of meditation are directly proportional to the intensity and quality of your practice....

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The Anatomy of a Thought

Thoughts are like waves, they may be inviting but they remain transient and volatile....

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How to Get Rid of Impure Thoughts

Mind is like a monkey, forever hopping from one place to another. It's not...

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Nine States of Attention

To reach a state of deep absorption requires building your concentration. It's staged and...

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The Three Legged Elephant

You can't not think about something by not thinking about it. The mind will...

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Friends and Foes

In the inner world, in your mind, friends and foes are positive and negative...

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Life is Like…a Movie

Human life is like a movie. What sort of movie it turns out to...

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Mind, Thoughts and Desires

Likes waves in the ocean, thoughts are constant in the human mind; you let...

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