Mind Full to Mindful

A single flower blooms, and throughout the world it is spring.

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Freeing Yourself from Anger

Here's a beautiful discourse by Buddha on removing feelings of annoyance and anger from...

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The Zen Mind

A single flower blooms and throughout the world it’s spring...every thought matters.

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The Mindful Chatterbox

If you want to enjoy the beauty of life then learn to turn off...

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The Source of Emotions

Emotions are the dewdrops that vanish at the dawn of mindfulness. Practice this simple...

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How to Get Rid of Impure Thoughts

Mind is like a monkey, forever hopping from one place to another. It's not...

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Dealing with Stress

A man was never stressed and this intrigued his neighbors. Read the story for...

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The sky remains independent of the colors and clouds in it. It returns to...

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Being at Peace

If you let them be, negative thoughts are like bubbles that rise to the...

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How to Overcome Anger

Let go off your anger, let it sink like the setting sun behind the...

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Speaking the Language of Love

Nobody is strong enough to resist the language of love. It pierces the heart...

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Restlessness in Meditation

A restless mind is comparable to a monkey, forever hopping and active. Mindfulness is...

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