Mantra – the term is so common in India that we barely give it a second thought. And over the decades, the mantra definition has slowly descended from the realms of spirituality into marketing strategies and life philosophies. Read more

“Live and let live, that’s the healing mantra I live by.”

“Sell, sell, sell and sell some more – that’s our company mantra for success.”


These are not the types of mantras this section covers, however. Here, we talk about a mantra in its traditional sense – the Sanskrit syllables that form sounds which, when strung together, are life-changing.

What is a mantra on the spiritual path that will help us progress quickly? What is a mantra that will take away all our troubles? Is there a list of mantras that I can learn about?

The following posts speak about the meaning of mantra, the practice of mantra meditation, daily mantras in households, and how mantras are the gateway to liberation.

1. Sanskrit Mantras and Chanting: Mantras are the mystical hymns and syllables written in the most ancient language of our world – Sanskrit. Many mantras are chanted in households across the country. They are commonly used in daily prayer, in religious rituals, in chanting, even in hymns.

You will find, in this article, a list of common daily mantras, how to chant a mantra in mantra meditation and the transformational power of mantras.

2. The Ancient Science of Mantras: Mantra yoga is an astoundingly deep science with its own framework.

Please allow me to speak on this somewhat arcane topic of mantra yoga. It’s my specialisation, something I’ve spent years and years experimenting. And, a path I find quite rewarding even today. No mantra definition can encapsulate it. It’s taking the law of attraction to the next level, it’s experiencing samadhi in a way words just can’t explain.

Gayatri Sadhana

A lot can happen with daily practice of the gayatri mantra invocation.

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The Ancient Science of Mantras

Do Mantras work in this day and age? Can the energy of a mantra...

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