जीवन के लिए जीवन भर संघर्ष

2021 Reflections

Life in years or years in life that count

The Sound of Silence

What does silence sound like

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Spiritual Tests and Exams

How paper is set and how marks are distributed😊

Avatar of anu om

Inner Wishes

Let the light shine deep inside our souls

A Common Person’s Spirituality

My path for myself—a common man, summed up

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The Balance

The myth of Daedalus and Icarus and my perspective on confidence

Avatar of arunima ojha

मुझे पसंद है

समाज के साथ चलते हुए कभी ये नही भूलना की तुम भी एक इंसान...

Spirituality at Microsoft – 1

What windows update team taught me

Le Bouton De Rose

Comment faire pour obtenir ta grâce?

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A tribute to Swami

Scorecard for Life

How to know who can you trust

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