The Good Days and the Not-So-Good Days

How can we control negative emotions

Facing Death – (Part 1)

25th April 2015 — the day I had a rendezvous with death

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A Word of Caution

Uber driver's dangerous trap

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Beginning of a Transition

Transition of professional life. Photo by le vy from pexels

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What Am I Trying to Escape?

Musings of a 20 year old escapist when in crisis


निजी जीवन - एक मुश्किल वक़्त

Better or Bitter

My learnings about expectations

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In Life You Get What You Want but are You Willing to Pay the Price

Unknown on the path of spirituality, an accidental life emerges

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Psychology Didn’t Let Me Stay but It Showed Me Another Way

My learning and unlearning on the path to earn a second professional degree and...

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I Am Not Good Enough!

What gives me this feeling and how I learnt to interpret this in my...

How I Gave Up My Tea Cravings?

Replace tea with a healthy bowl of fruits to satiate your sugar cravings

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A Tiny Ray of Hope!

I can finally see a ray of sunshine

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The Most Loving Husband and Dad

Anywhere to go but nowhere to be

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From D to B

Sometimes to move forward one must go backwards

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