It’s been a few years 

the running doesn’t end 

the wailing always hiding in plight 

tears dried of frequent flows 

After so many blows 

I find it hard to get up 

Get up and out of bed for a shower 

get  up to cook a meal 

get up to wipe my own tears 

get up and out of my own way 

away from my fears

The ways of Lord are so hard 

each day I walked up to His aisle 

to budge and nudge His mighty form,

hoping for a miracle 

I murmured some prayers

But He is the same 

He always is 

He even steals all my prayers

my bundle of wishes,

complaints and all that I tucked under my pillow

to get by His door 

A glance of His sight

and all is lost 

dejected I stare in despair

Your playfulness hangs heavy on me 

please let me pray 

let me fight 

for when I turn

These unfulfilled wishes 

follow stray 

If you have the might to take ’em away 

keep them forever, then 

Or grant them as a blessing 

The earnings of my many 

teary nights