Self-Purification / Aatma Shudhikaran

kālena snāna-śaucābhyāṁ
saṁskārais tapasejyayā
śudhyanti dānaiḥ santuṣṭyā
dravyāṇy ātmātma-vidyayā

Gradually, with the passage of time, bathing purifies the body; austerities purify old tendencies of the mind; charity purifies the wealth; contentment purifies the mind and self-realization purifies the soul.

(Srimad Bhagavatam. 10.5.4)

The scriptures verily state that there are ten emotions that plague us from the moment we begin to make sense of this world, if not from the moment we gain consciousness in the womb. These emotions are:

Kama – Lust or Desires
Krodha – Anger or Resentment
Lobha – Greed or misplaced ambition
Moha – Attachment or Obsession
Ahamkara – Ego or Conceit
Raga – Passion or attachment to pleasure
Dvesha – Jealousy or Envy
Bhaya – Fear or Phobias
Ghrina – Hate or Contempt
Lajja – Shame or Taboo

All of these emotions arise from ignorance known as avidya or agyanta. The sattvic energy of Lord Vishnu helps an aspirant in achieving lasting self-purification by eradicating this very avidya. This progress, the evolution of the soul, is gradual progress accomplished by a patient and persistent practitioner alone. These deep and practical talks will help kickstart the process for you.

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Original Recording: 2020. Sri Badrika Ashram, India
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