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I believe that astrology doesn’t really predict or change the course of your life. After studying all the major and classical texts on astrology, after learning and practicing it for years, I even turned my own horoscope to ashes (I wrote about it in my memoir). The only reason I had that courage was because I understood the art and (quasi) science of astrology. I feel it would do anyone good to know the theory and practice of astrology. In fact, your knowledge of Sanatana dharma is incomplete without an understanding of astrology. After all, astrology is vedanga, one of the six limbs of the Vedic tradition. Vedas and puranas are replete with hymns of these stars.

Astrology is a vidya anyone should be able to learn and not be limited to a few astrologers, most of whom practice it for a living and therefore carry an inherent bias.

My view is if I can share with you the framework of astrology and remove the veil of mystique that surrounds it, you will then be empowered in unimaginable ways.

What will you learn in this course

There is ten hours of content including Q & A sessions, in which, you learn, how to:

  1. Read and interpret a horoscope.
  2. Read and use the panchangam. (I consult the panchangam for all my sadhanas).
  3. Gather and understand the planetary positions in the context of your zodiac.
  4. Find out various dashas, interpret them and the truth of shani’s sadesati or dhaiya.
  5. Know the truth of manglik, kala-sarpa and other so-called “doshas”.
  6. Analyze and predict various charts in astrology (and why it doesn’t really matter).
  7. The truth of gemstones and other upayas (remedies).
  8. The science beyond astrology.

I also cover a brief history of astrology and why all the seers and sages of the past practiced it. The course touches upon astrology’s place in the Vedic tradition. But, mostly, my goal is that by the time you finish this course you will have enough (though basic) understanding of this science to read and interpret astrological charts. Please note that this course covers only Vedic astrology and the charts are drawn in the north Indian style.

The essence of what I learned working as a sadhak and an astrologer with my own years of study (and practice), I’ve imparted in this course.

Important Notes

  • You’ll need to print your horoscope from in advance and have it handy because in the virtual event, I’ll be showing you how to read your horoscope, so everyone will need to have it printed in the same format. There are many websites online from where you can generate your free horoscope.

Total video content in this course: 10 hours.
Language: English
Original Recording: Bangalore, India.
Month and Year: Jan 2020
Course Fee: $120.  Details below.

Course Fee

This entire course is now offered on pay-whatever-you like model. It’s based on the honor code, on humanity, on trust. If you found it beneficial, you can pay whatever it was worth to you. If you can’t afford it, no problems, you can still view the entire course. Everything is now unlocked.

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