Bhagavan and bhakta

Bhagavān And Bhakta

‘Never turn your back to the ocean,’ the wise say. Whether that be the real blue sea or the ocean of grace, you want to be facing it, ready to take it all in when the tide turns your way. 

The grace of Bhagavān has carried me from the depths of my afflicted mind to the heights of sublime thoughts completely immersed in his splendour. Repeatedly. Realizing Bhagavān is durgama, difficult, and finding a Guru durlabha, rare. And what happens when the lines between the two objects of devotion blur for you?

This book is one such story, a humble tribute to my merciful Guru, Om Swami. But it’s not for the non-believer or the first-time reader of my works. Besides, I don’t think you will pick this book, but this book will pick you. For it requires a disciple’s mind to enjoy the melody of devotion played throughout this work.

One way to think of this book is that I maintained the diary of a disciple and her inner world, and you, my dear reader, have managed to get your hands on it. No more, no less.

As a young seedling must weather all storms to turn into a giant tree ultimately, one’s faith in God needs to survive the storms of doubt before bhakti emerges victorious. Grace flows unimpeded from Bhagavān to Bhakta then.

Precisely the reason you are holding this book. 

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