The practice of Kundalini awakening, also known as Shakti Chalana, is one of the most ancient yogic practices. There are as many schools of thought as practitioners and books out there. Some better than others.

Based on numerous requests ever since the launch of my book Kundalini two years ago, I conducted this retreat on Kundalini awakening which is now available to your virtually right here.

There are many hatha yoga practices that have been associated with Kundalini sadhana. Notably, khechari mudra, bandhas (locks), pranayama, hasta mudras (hand locks), and some yoga asanas. In this particular retreat, however, I won’t be covering these (those are for level four, five, and six).

Instead, my focus will be to expose you to the method of pure kundalini awakening with seed syllables and colors and once you’ve traversed the path of Kundalini for at least about a year, you will be ready to gain from the practices above. This is a level three retreat which means you will only benefit truly if you have crossed the following two levels:

  1. First level: General familiarization with the philosophy of Kundalini. Ideally, you would have read and reflected on some kind of literature on this subject in the past. It is a prerequisite that you have a basic idea of what Kundalini is about. (Examples of texts include Tantraloka, Shatchakranirupani, Hatha yoga pradipika, Rudra yamalam or my own book, Kundalini etc. For more exposition, you could also read The Serpent Power by Arthur Avalon.)
  2. Second level: Minimum one hundred hours of practice. You must have practiced any form of meditation for at least a few months so that you are able to sit still and practice Kundalini meditation. Irrespective of where you learned mediation or what kind of meditation you do, as long as you meditate regularly, you are welcome to be a part of this retreat. Those of you, who have attended my meditation retreat in the past, you will benefit more.

“Normally shift of regional activity of brain is associated with, or is a product of, some shift in cognitive or motor function. We are intrigued by the fact that you can shift the surface activity on your brain without changing the type of mental or physical activity!”
o Dr. Ashish Sahani, ex-Harvard researcher, commenting on an EEG study done on my brain as I awakened the Kundalini.

“Doing a comparison study of other subjects with respect to your EEG we see that none of them have as distinct frontal lobe alpha and theta activity as yours. And your alpha activity is also extremely stable in the frontal regions especially during eye-closed position. Most subjects have randomly shifting EEG alpha and theta activity through the experiment. Two of the subjects with relatively long practice of meditation have stable alpha activity in one region but not in the frontal region.”
o An observation the researchers made when I held the serpent power (Kundalini) in my ajna chakra (brow plexus)

There’s a reason I have shared these testimonials. And, it’s very simple: Away from theoretical expositions, I’ll be sharing with you the truth of kundalini based on my first-hand experience. Prolonged meditation done over a period of time automatically pierces the chakras as kundalini meets Sahasrara. You can somewhat hasten the process by meditating correctly on your chakras which is the purpose of this retreat. Hence, in this retreat, I’ll share with you:

  1.          Seed syllables of all chakras
  2.          Correct pronunciation of those syllables
  3.          Benefits of meditating on each chakra
  4.          Common pitfalls to avoid
  5.          Ideal diet while practicing chakra meditation
  6.          Ways to intensify your practice

In this retreat, I’ll be spending less time (or none) on story-telling and we’ll delve straight into the crux of the matter. If you wish to know about the origins of the Kundalini practice or the core text on which my practice is based, please thumb through my book on Kundalini.

Total video content in this course: 6+ hours.
Language: English
Original Recording: Bangalore, India.
Month and Year: Jan 2019
Course Fee: $119. Details below.

Course Fee

This entire course is now offered on pay-whatever-you like model. It’s based on the honor code, on humanity, on trust. If you found it beneficial, you can pay whatever it was worth to you. If you can’t afford it, no problems, you can still view the entire course. Everything is now unlocked.

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