In this question and answer session, learn about Mudras in Kundalini Meditation. Can Khechari mudra be used in mental mantra chanting? We also get insight into how the Khechari mudra is used in the Kularnava Tantra. In addition, Om Swami shares profound insight on the importance of stillness and posture in Kundalini Meditation. Here, he expounds on the truth of the Kundalini practice based on his first-hand experience

Other Questions answered:

  1. Siddhis and the true Sadhus in Kumbh Mela
  2. Correct way of chanting in Kundalini Meditation
  3. Where to set up the Altar at home
  4. Question on Black and Ochre robe Om Swami wears
  5. Raising Children in today’s world

Video Timeline

0:08 Can Khechari Mudra be used in mental mantra chanting

0:27 Khechari Mudra Technique

1:31 Kularnava Tantra and Khechari Mudra

1:46 Energy movement in Kundalini Meditation

2:33 Importance of stillness in Kundalini Meditation

4:11 Are you qualified for Kundalini Meditation Practice?

4:42 Unfailing Sign of an Awakened being

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