An incident that happened today, has been weighing heavy on my heart. So I decided to write it down here.

Today, after lunch I was sitting in the verandah with my mom and Nimki (our dog). We have a small terrace just next to (almost attached to the side) of our verandah where one of our househelp was washing our utensils.

Meanwhile Nimki was tailing another one of our house-help (Let’s call her Maya), who cooks food for us. Maya is an old lady who’s in her mid 60s. Nimki is an affectionate dog and he loves to tag along with the people in our house in hopes of getting patted on his head.

Maya didi, was on her way to the terrace to give a dirty sieve (used for straining tea) for washing. Nimki was following her and blocking her way at times. Instead of just bypassing the dog, she decided shake the strainer and sprinkle the dirty tea water dripping from the sieve on Nimki’s head in order to make him move. (Now, Nimki may be just a dog, but to us he’s family and I consider him to be nothing less than my brother).

Nimki being as innocent as ever, stood there happily, taking all the dirty water and still following her, thinking that she was playing with him. This broke my heart and I was really mad. I tried to supress my anger and speak as politely as I could(given the circumstances) and said, “Please don’t do that”. She didn’t not listen and went on doing the same thing. This time I raised my voice and said, “Don’t do that. Why are you doing that?!” She replied saying, “I’ll do this only. What are you gonna do about it?” By this point I was really angry and my voice was shaking (I tear up when I get angry. But somehow I held back) . I half yelled with my shaky voice, “How absurd?! Why can’t you just go past him(Nimki) instead of doing that!”. Now, I saw my mom signalling me to let it go. Maya didi can be very crass and this heated conversation could escalate very quickly. I decided to stop. I heard her saying snarky and mean things to me and I wanted to yell back a 100 mean things but I kept my mouth shut.

All of this happened in about 4-5 mins. But I’m still very disturbed from the incident. Maybe I could’ve been more tactful about it and said something nice at the beginning, which would’ve made her stop after the first time?! Maybe I should’ve just dragged Nimki to me and let Maya didi be. I don’t know. I’m just mad and honestly, right now, I would love to dip her in a bucket of “keechad”(thick slurry of mud and water) and just enjoy the scene. 

I would like to end this blog here. Thank you for reading this not so fun post and giving me your precious time. See you soon 😊

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