Yash's writings

Out of Shadows

A Leap of Faith

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The Missing Footsteps

A short story of faith

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Musings on Beyond

Some musings on that mystical Oneness

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Devi Baglamukhi

My experience of invoking Devi as Baglamukhi

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Discovering Timelessness

A method for discovering the timeless moment

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Age is an Illusion

Your age is what you think it to be

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Challenges in Perfecting My Posture

The hurdles I face and what I learnt from them

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The Beads and the Thread

My experience of 4 hour long meditation and its results

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Emptiness of Thoughts

From a purely scientific perspective for rational minds

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When the Wave Merged in Ocean

An experience of oneness with existence

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Inner Voice – Intuition Vs. Insecurity of...

Some qualities of intuition and how it can improve the quality of your life.

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