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Couples – So What?

A conditioned thought process that I encountered at college.

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Pirated Books

My journey with pirated books.

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Mind and Ganesha

An epiphany about parallels between mind and Ganesha

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Shiva-Linga : The Lesser Known Aspect

The esoteric meaning of a few verses of Lingashtakam

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A Few Words on Words

Unconditioning the mind from words and language

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Sandhya Vandana and Its Relation with Breath...

The esoteric aspect of Sandhya Vandana.

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Nadi Shodhana

A simple yet effective pranayama practice with some variations

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Two Pups and Challenges in Life

A lesson of nature learnt while feeding two pups.

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The subtle aspect of Shambhavi mudra

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Camels Never Sit

A short story and a beautiful life lesson

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An experience with self destructive thoughts and the lesson I learnt

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Contemplations on few verses from Shiva Sahsranama

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3 Granthis

Some musings on 3 Granthis

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The Alchemist-2

Remaining takeaways

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The Alchemist-1

Some takeaways

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