3y ago

जीवन एक सा कहाँ रहता है

A poem I wrote about 2 years ago

3y ago

Spiritual Eating

Some techniques to meditate while eating food.

3y ago

Superheroes and Warriors

My childish attempts on becoming superhero. Read just for fun.

3y ago

Why Do I Write So Much ?

Do you know what's making me write posts continuously.

3y ago

A Note of Thanks to …

Few words of gratefulness for being blessed once again.

3y ago

The Roadside Meditation

A meditation I learnt on road.

2y ago

Rising above Guilt

Guilt is one of the 8 pashu pasha (nooses) which binds us. My insights...

3y ago

Enlightenment is like … boiling water !

Similarites between process of enlightenment and boiling water.

3y ago

The King and Sandalwood Seller

Do you know the power of your thoughts ?

3y ago

I Feel as if …

An inner conflict.