Before I begin writing on main topic of this post, a note of apology. Today I realized that while publishing my first post yesterday, I made some mistakes and the some important parts of post were not published and it looks incomplete.
So here is what was not published:

  • I am not running from my duties. I know my svadharma as a son and student. I am flowing with flow.
  • Not long ago I was a fierce warrior.
  • I assure you that I have no suicidal tendencies because I know it is the worst thing one can do in life. However, I don’t fear death.
  • Coincidentally, Om Swami’s last two videos were related to my particular situation.
  • Now finally I have decided to try once again. To enter the unknown. To make a jump. Let’s see where do I land.

Now back to this post. Since I am a free member, I can’t read or reply to your comments on previous posts. So, sorry for that. But yes I can feel the positivity of those comments and noble thoughts. How? Read the story. As I read it a long time ago and don’t remember it’s source.

Once there was a king who developed a serious disease. He was on deathbed. No physician could cure him. The wisest of his ministers went to search for a cure. He came across a sandalwood seller who was very upset. When the minister inquired, he found that his business was in loss. He wished that if the King dies, all of his wood would be sold for his royal death ceremony. The minister bought all of his logs of sandalwood and the king’s health restored in no time.

Similarly, I couldn’t read your comments but felt voice B diminishing, and increase in belief in myself by evening. So that’s the power of our thoughts, they can affect people whom we have never seen.

So, thank you everyone who are a part of this community. And I thank Shiv and Shakti for creating such situations so that I could join this community. And thank you Om Swami for creating this community. I thank this universe. Thank you.