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An experience with self destructive thoughts and the lesson I learnt

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Contemplations on few verses from Shiva Sahsranama

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3 Granthis

Some musings on 3 Granthis

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The Alchemist-2

Remaining takeaways

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The Alchemist-1

Some takeaways

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Is the Divine Sadistic?

Why tears on spiritual path

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The Yogi Immortal

There he sits...

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When Faith is Questioned

What to do when faith is attacked by doubt, tackle that doubt as Parvati...

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Soil in Turmoil

A poem written in view of save soil moment #Savesoil

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Shiva’s Form at His Wedding

#Mahashivaratri #SanatanDharma - Few beautiful verses from Shiva Sahasranama

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Beyond The Gloomy Skies

This post is about a book.

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Bid Adieu

A good bye to all my readers.

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The 3 Powers

My contemplations on a verse from Lalita Sahasranama

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Wedding Food

My thoughts and understandings about wedding food.

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Falling Into Bottomless Abyss

My experience of a state beyond waking and sleeping state.

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