Yash's writings

A Sadhana of Unconditional Love

A sadhana I started and it's effects.

Lost in Void

A mysterious meditative experience

Absence of Physical Guru and Initiation

An important aspect of my spiritual journey

Frogs of Well

Which type of frog you are?

Express… Don’t Suppress

Dealing with suppressed emotions and deepening meditation

Couples – So What?

A conditioned thought process that I encountered at college.

Pirated Books

My journey with pirated books.

Mind and Ganesha

An epiphany about parallels between mind and Ganesha

Shiva-Linga : The Lesser Known Aspect

The esoteric meaning of a few verses of Lingashtakam

A Few Words on Words

Unconditioning the mind from words and language

Nadi Shodhana

A simple yet effective pranayama practice with some variations

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Two Pups and Challenges in Life

A lesson of nature learnt while feeding two pups.


The subtle aspect of Shambhavi mudra

Camels Never Sit

A short story and a beautiful life lesson