What happened –

That day I went on the main gate of our house with two chapattis, one was of previous day and bit difficult to chew and the other was fresh and soft. There were two cute little pups. I started with the crumbles of the older chapatti. As I gave them small bits of chapatti, I realized that one of them was a bit dominant and faster than other. The other would not dare pick a piece near the dominant one’s mouth. Realizing this, I gave the softer chapatti to the weaker pup on one side and simultaneously gave the older chapatti to the more active pup on other side. This satisfied both of them. Had I given chapattis to both of them together, the weaker would not have been able to eat much. But as I was feeding them, I also realized something.

What I learnt –

I gave the difficult chapatti to the dominant pup because I knew he was capable enough to handle it. Similarly, the struggles we face in our life, which we have no control over, are presented to us by nature because nature believes that we are strong enough to face them. These struggles are what help us bring out our true potential. The bright stars and gleaming moon of the sky are not visible in the day but only in night. It is the darkness of night that provides the contrast. It is the darkness of night itself that is the reason behind the beauty of twinkling stars and shining moon. Rains feel beautiful after summers and not after winters. Similarly, the struggles of our life provide the contrast to our achievements. So, even they have a beauty of their own.

And this is nothing new I am saying, it has been said millions of times in millions of ways, but we tend to forget, so this is just a reminder.

Those situations that are not in our hand, let’s accept them and use them to paint a beautiful picture of life.