There he sits, a yogi …

Immortal, primordial,

From time immemorial,

Surrounded by infinite sky vast,

Devoid of any future or past,

Wrapped in silence and stillness,

Of form of deep darkness,

He’s been sitting like this for long,

Amidst all right and wrong,

Amidst all pleasure and pain,

Amidst success and efforts vain,

Beyond words he sits, 

Deep silence he emits,

The great Mahakaal,

Beyond space and time,

Devoid of any support,

He existed before I tried, 

And existed after I died,

Nothing to mourn,

For I was reborn,

And he the observer,

Remains forever, 

After him someone ran, 

Passed seasons, springs and rains,

All his efforts as if went in vain,

He doubted if he was real, 

And found him surreal,

He slowly came to know – A shadow!

How could he catch – A shadow?

And still he sits, that mystic,

He speaks something cryptic,

The salt doll now confused,

Has it started to diffuse?

By dilemmas and confusions as such,

The yogi still sits untouched,

The Yogi …

Immortal, primordial …

From time immemorial …

-9 April, 2022

Feature Image- This is the form of Shiva I have ever seen clearly. This once even appeared in a vivid dream, outline filled with black and surrounded by bright light. The form shown in feature image has a deeper meaning.