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My Spiritual Quest – 2

My birth and early years of life.

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My Spiritual Quest – 1

A brief series on 19 years of my spiritual journey.

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A nose allergy which I suffered for more than 4 years and how I...

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An Appointment with Death

I asked Mahakaal for death, for complete annihilation of my existence

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My Strange Navratri Sankalpa

I didn't login to os.me for 9 days of Navratri !

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When Nataraj Danced

Sharing one of my early experiences in my spiritual journey which increased my faith...

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Tragedy. Ending. Moving on.

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Reunion. Love birds.

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Proposal, rejection, intermission.

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I proposed a girl in class 5th !

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Junior Scientists

Nothing scientific, this is an April Fools Day post!

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Sharing my understanding of fear.

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If Maturity Means This, I Don’t Want...

I want to become a child.

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The Naumukhi Mudra

In continuation of my last post Sound of Silence.

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Sound of Silence

How I learnt to remain in silence even when surrounded by noise.

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