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Spooky Experience

A strange sequence of events.

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Developing Traits Through Practice

Here's a technique I use to develop the quality which I want to.

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Saucepan Wisdom

Some serious saucepan wisdom.

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Kalpa Concept and Big Bounce Theory

Parallels between the Big Bounce theory and Kalp.

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Shiv, Shakti and String Theory

Theoretical physics and our Ancient Knowledge

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Ever done pull ups in classroom?

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Kannappa Nayanar

The story of this devotee will give you goosebumps.

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Mahamaya – Don’t Fear Her

My understandings on Ma as Mahamaya

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What is That … Which Makes Me...

The motivation behind my efforts

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How to Breathe Properly

Do you really breath properly? Read out to find more

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ATM β€” Any Time Meditation

The technique I use to meditate anytime anywhere

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Shiva and Shakti

A poem dedicated to the divine couple

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Meditation on Universe

My experiences in a meditation from Vigyan Bhairav.

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Boys Don’t Cry

Breaking a social conditioning.

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