Yesterday, as I sat in dark room, some words flowed through me and I triedd to pen them down :

With nature I have been, in nature I have seen
No one gives up their dharm, they keep doing their karma

River never stops, it flows through the rocks
Trees never stop giving, for others they are living

Sun does shine, removing dark times
When the darkest hour has gone, then comes the dawn

People will say, will block my way
But I will strive, for you I will thrive

Removing all obstacles, breaking all shackles

Will give out a roar, high I will soar
Defeating my fears, as a lion frightens deers

With smile I will face, passing of this phase
All this pain, will not go in vain

Test me if you want, but remember I won’t
Give up my dharm, or stop doing my karm

You are my dharm, you are my karm
Know Oh Shiva!, you are my marm

-21 May, 2021 , about 8:20 pm

P.s.: 1. By dharm I mean my swadharm, not any particular religion

2. Marm – core/heart