The dreams that I am referring to in this post are the dreams that we see during sleep. Sometimes, we remember them clearly, sometimes we don’t. As a kid, I used to think if dreams really had any significance. According to my experience, there different factors behind dreams. So dreams can be categorised as :

  • There are dreams in which we fulfill our suppressed desires. The mind can’t differentiate between real and dream world, as long as we are sleeping. So fulfilling our desire in dream is equal to fulfilling it in reality, at least for the mind.
  • Some dreams act as fulfillment of your painful karmic debts. For example, you are destined to have a dog bite. If a dog bites you in dream, then you will experience same pane and agony that you would have faced in reality. Since you have already experienced it, chances of it in reality reduce greatly. So, it’s good to have painful dreams 😉 (I had a dog bite once in a dream and 2-3 freaking nightmares last week)
  • Some dreams are just a result of random thoughts and whatever you experienced during the day. It is like your mind is clearing itself for next day.
  • If you meditate regularly, you will have a calmer mind and chances of random dreams reduces a lot. In such case, dreams may give you some indication. If you see any form of deity, saint, etc. in dream, it can’t be a random dream. In one place, it signifies that they have reached deep into you. It is a sure sign of spiritual progress if you are doing any sadhana or intend to do one, or even if you are a devotee.
  • Although I have no experience of astral travel, from all that I had read about it, some of your dreams can be memory of astral travel. But we hardly remember such a dream.

Quite interestingly, we forget most of our dreams as soon as we get up, as we carry on with daily activities, we almost forget everything. Exception- if you meditate regularly, you will remember more of your dreams.

Let me give some examples from my life. I heard Rudra path in dream and it works great for me. I saw Ma Kali in dream last year and then later invoked her. Another example, earlier I would spill spiritual knowledge in front of anyone. After I saw Ma Bagalamukhi in dream, I speak less. Now I don’t feel like telling about such things to everyone, I just write here, where only people who want to know such things can read it. 

At the end, I would just like to say that it is more important to focus on what you are doing. Dreams will pass. If there’s a nightmare, don’t worry about it, if there’s great dream, don’t fly too high. Your Karma is much more important than any dream.