One of the greatest misconceptions about enlightenment or spiritual awakening is that it will just happen. Not so. It has to be earned, it has to be lived. Sometimes I find it challenging to explain to seekers that true enlightenment is not a one-off special moment, but more a culmination of lifelong experiences and practices that result in the dawning of a great insight.

  1. How do I make (and measure) spiritual progress?
  2. How do I be at peace always?
  3. What is the purpose of my life?
    Whether you enquired about meditation or Samadhi, or you wanted a better relationship or greater success, whatever joy you might have wished to experience, almost always the intent fell into one of the three questions above.  Dive deeper into the concept of spiritual awakening/samadhi/self realization with these posts.

साधना, संन्यास और मोक्ष

'स्व' से विद्रोह। 'अहम' से विद्रोह। स्वयं से विद्रोह।

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Spiritual Self-Evaluation

Where are you in your Spiritual Journey?

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A simple technique to practice mindfulness.

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Bhuta Agni

An important factor which affects how quickly we grasp knowledge.

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The Om Swami Way

Musings on the path shown by Him

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My Truth: Think for Yourself

#Blog Post: Individual-Centric View - It's all about your happiness.

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Side Effects of Meditation

Here are twelve unmistakable side effects of meditation.

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The Purpose of Your Life

If there was only one post you needed to read on my blog, it...

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Does enlightenment mean you will forever surf the waves of bliss?

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A Cobbler, Dog and God

Here's a beautiful story, a gentle reminder about the purpose of spirituality — to...

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The Silent Witness

When you learn to observe yourself and your thoughts, you become like an incense....

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If Truth Be Told — A Monk’s Memoir

If Truth Be Told is my memoir slated to be released next month by...

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A Life of Lies

This world is a stampede. If you don't fit in, you are either pushed...

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