This is perhaps the most important post I’ve written in the past eight years. You can view it as an announcement, a declaration or just another writeup. Either way, there’s something in it for you.

All these years, I’ve met thousands of people. Not just in gatherings or groups, but one-on-one. Other than writing books (and posts on this blog), that’s pretty much all I’ve done, in fact: meet people from all walks of life. If each spiritual question was a coffee bean and I ground all of them most carefully, I would end up with this fragrant powder of human consciousness. Further, if I ran the steam of wisdom through it for just the right amount of time, the result would be quite an amazing shot of insight – the insight espresso.

Today, I’m serving you that shot of espresso. Whoever you may be, however dire or divine your circumstances, your answers will come from internalizing what I share here. No, I’m not giving a panacea; there exists none. I’m, however, offering you one of the finest and most sacred paths of liberation. Finest because it works in this day and age, sacred because it will catapult you to the heights of greatness as experienced by the siddhas and yogis of the past. But, liberation from what, from whom you ask? From the self-doubting, chattering mind that rejoices in petty thoughts and pulls you down. Liberation from your shadows, from the wrongs you’ve done and wrongs done to you. Is it even possible?

Yes, there is hope.
You can rewrite your destiny.
You can erase your karmic imprints.
You can step into another world of consciousness.

Ever since I can recall, no matter what any seeker asked me, the gist of it was:

  1. How do I make (and measure) spiritual progress?
  2. How do I be at peace always?
  3. What is the purpose of my life?

Whether you enquired about meditation or Samadhi, or you wanted a better relationship or greater success, whatever joy you might have wished to experience, almost always the intent fell into one of the three questions above. After all, if I can be at peace, I’m happy naturally. I want a more fulfilling relationship or career because I want to feel joy and happiness. Those feelings of elation or warmth that come when you feel together, that overflowing compassion you experience in your spiritual moments, they give your life a purpose, a sort of meaning.

For eight years, every time you asked me if I could give you your life’s purpose, I replied in the negative. I had no definitive answer, certainly nothing like a framework that could actually assist you on the path of self-transformation and self-discovery. Until now.

Welcome to Black Lotus. Black is black when it absorbs all colors and lotus is a flower that even though it grows in mire, remains above it, unsullied. It’s not possible to be happy all the time. But, it is possible to be happy almost all the time. And it is certainly possible to make wiser and more spiritual choices in life so you don’t end up in situations that drive you insane.

I have come to the realization that for anyone to experience the greatness within, they must also embark on a journey that synchronizes their inner and outer world. Harmony exists only in such alignment. Your spiritual methods must guide you in your decisions and reflect in your conduct, otherwise of what use is any practice? To that effect, here is the sublime path of Black Lotus where you traverse through various states to reach the pinnacle of spiritual attainment. From a novice to a siddha in ten seconds. I mean, ten steps, sorry.

My path has three integral elements for continued spiritual progress:


It is much more than having a calm mind. With meditation, you develop an amazing degree of self-awareness. Such awareness then helps you overcome your tendencies and reactions that are the biggest obstacles on the path of self-realization. Our reflex actions arising from our habits and proclivities drive our mind wild like a raging bull on a dusty court while our desires and emotions stand close by cheering, screaming and rooting for it. Only that there’s no matador to tame this beast. Good meditation empowers you in not just taking this bull by its horns but by pacifying it and using its strength to do more meaningful things.


Mantra chanting or mantra meditation when done mindfully aligns your consciousness with the universal consciousness. The sonic vibrations produced by mantras invoke your latent energy that you’ve been carrying over lifetimes. If this sounds like mumbo-jumbo, I encourage you to try mindful chanting of any mantra for a period of three weeks, for a mere 20 minutes per day, and then examine how you feel internally. Greater self-confidence, better intuition and heightened awareness are natural byproducts of mindful chanting. An ever sharp intuition, by the way, is an unfailing sign of spiritual awakening. It doesn’t mean you know everything, you just develop a higher understanding of everything around you.


One simple method of filling your reservoir of spiritual energy is by being kind in thoughts, actions and speech. The energy we gain from meditation and correct chanting needs to be invested so it grows exponentially. Random acts of kindness (RAKs) are those investments you make from time to time. When you touch someone’s life, you feed your mind with the unique joy of goodness. All this good karma accumulates and becomes your spiritual wealth. Besides, as your consciousness expands granting you great spiritual prowess, it propels you to nurture and help others.

To know more about the milestones or to measure your spiritual progress, download the Black Lotus app. And this brings me to a very important point: the release of Black Lotus 3.0.

Supported by a small group of generous donors, a team of brilliant minds have clocked a few thousand hours to put all of the above in a powerful and functional framework. I have always believed that group intelligence is more transformational than individual heroism in the longer run. So, Black Lotus is not about me but about you and everyone around you. A few more evolved yogis could create boundless beauty on our planet.

If you wish to become a Black Lotus Siddha, then there are two steps for you:

  1. Download the app for iOS devices or for Android. It remains completely free.
  2. Follow Black Lotus on Twitter because many awesome things await you there.

And finally, we need Black Lotus Champions — driven people who are willing to join me on a spiritual adventure of a lifetime. If you are as passionate as you are kind, if you want to serve this world, then join me in this revolution. I promise you Black Lotus is the spiritual renaissance of current times. One day, you’ll look back and see the truth in these words. If you wish to be a Black Lotus Champion, please register your interest here. It won’t be easy but you will be rewriting history – yours, your country’s and this world’s.

The purpose is simple: Live, love, laugh, give. The medium is Black Lotus.

Paraṁ brahma paraṁ dhāma pavitraṁ paramaṁ bhavān,
puruṣaṁ śāśvataṁ divyam ādi-devam ajaṁ vibhum.
You are the supreme being, the final refuge, the purest, the absolute truth. You are the eternal, the divine, the unborn, the greatest. 

Realize it.





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