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 His voice became low and he  murmured- there is an unsatisfied soul residing here…ghost...

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Judged Too Quickly ?

We've all done this and then when we realise we were wrong, there's a...

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What Am I Trying to Escape?

Musings of a 20 year old escapist when in crisis

A Seeker’s Song

A Seeker is a spiritual householder

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Why I Write and then Rewrite and then Write…

The joys and downfalls of writing and why I love it so

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Story Guru

How stories impacted my life

My Struggle with Estrangement from My Brother

Sometimes, estrangement is the only answer left — but do it without any guilt...


(A poem)

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A work in progress

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Who am I?

I am many things...

Her name is not Pagli (the mad woman)

I wanted to know her name. I wanted everyone to know her name

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