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Immense Grace and Kindness

I have not felt bad even once about this decision, actually I am feeling...

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You, Me and Silence

Let's do a break up with silence

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My First Cappuccino

My sister and friend Pooh laughed a lot and I too laugh a lot...

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Confession of Daughter to Her Mother

But i never felt in that way, The way i am feeling now

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Birthday Gift

But, here under the umbrella of my Father, my Om Swami ji, I never...

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Miracle King- Sri Hari

I am telling you, if you stay honest with him, you have no idea...

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What is Our Problem?

Now i know my real problem so can i ask what is your?

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It’s Ok

This is your life, so it's ok if you are making decisions,

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It’s Been Three Years….

Not just because she was my granny but as a woman she was a...

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Leave It and Move on

What is the benefit of hurting yourself again and again?

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Miracle or Law of Attraction?

These words play like a ringtone in my mind

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Appreciation – Os.me and Black Lotus

Who could have created this magical world except our revered Om swami?

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I Am Committed!

That 40% does make all the difference.

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Friends (Dosti)

There were a lot of moments when I needed my friends and they were...

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