7mo ago

Guru, Spirituality & My Maternal Grandmother

But clearly, she did not want that instead, she wanted her Guru in front...

8mo ago

Look around please !!

 I am a person who trusts easily, expresses emotions a lot, loses people, cries,...

9mo ago

Let’s Paint

I found a beautiful poem for you...

9mo ago

A New Year and Pressure of Resolution

I was going to make a mistake by taking a resolution of losing weight...

9mo ago

Last Letter

Will you please read last letter ?

10mo ago

Knock Knock !! Check out your letter...

I am proud of you as you embraced all the emotions with grace.

10mo ago

Read This, If You Want to Read...

There is a pool of Tips but these seem doable.

10mo ago

It’s All About Pictures

After creating all the mess, this phone is still beeping. #Writewithosdotme