RIYA's Writings

Strange but Real

Which strange feelings do you feel in your life or in a day?"

Nepotism, the Most Trending Word

Please don't spoil the career of star kids just because of the word Nepotism

This is not so cool

According to our youth, if a person doesn’t drink or smoke, then that person...

Girls, we need to take a stand

Dear Human beings: Please be human beings and don’t behave like animals.

Why we need a Plan B?

We all need to have a good relationship with money because most of the...

Dear Stranger

A letter of hope and acceptance.........

Seven Day Kindness Challenge


Try Newness

I know we have gotten hurt and our past has certain painful imprints on...

Strange world of love

Don’t take decisions and make choices when you are in love

Honesty with feelings

Just ask yourself, "Are you loyal with your feelings?"

Just a message

Don’t just give licence to other people for hurting you.

My definition of a Guru & Guru...

Guru is a person who teaches us, guides us and shows us the right...

Come, Laugh out Loud with Me

When the entire Sri Badrika Ashram was in stitches, and other anecdotes

Please Don’t Die

Don't Destroy gift of life.

Attitude of Gratitude

You have many reasons to complain but please find at least one reason to...