Siblings are the blessing of our life, but at the same time, they are most annoying too, especially younger ones. If you have a younger sister or brother, god save you. I have a young sister, liza; she is lovable and caring, and at the same time, she is irritating. We grow up with our siblings, and we know secrets and weaknesses about each other too. Resultantly, siblings blackmail each other too. There are some perks of having younger siblings as well as drawbacks. The best advantage is they are there to do your stuff. When we are sitting with them, we even force them to fetch a glass of water. There are plenty of tantrums, but still, they will do your bidding.

Disadvantages are countless. We don’t understand why they have to behave like parents. They are always worried about what we are wearing, what we are eating, where we are going, etc. Care is another thing, but there is possessiveness. My sister is possessive of me, and I’m not too fond of that.

We fight, we irritate each other, but we stand for each other. Together we are stronger. The strange thing about this relationship is that we protect each other, we love each other, but at one point in our life, we cannot stay with each other. This is harsh or funny, but the truth. I have seen many sisters and brothers. When they come to the same city together, they prefer to choose different places to stay. I remember one incident where one of my friend’s sisters was doing the same course and wanted to do an internship. My friend found a different place to stay and work for her. I asked her why she could not get a placement for training in the same firm, and she said in Punjabi, ‘na na saare secret v ni dasne’ (No, we cannot disclose all the secrets).

Our younger siblings might be annoying, but we must admit they are there for us and it is a blessing to have them.

Keep smiling,

Thank you,

Riya Om

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PS: Thank you so much for all the support and blessings on my editorial post. I am deeply grateful to each and every one. Special thanks to Medha Sri mam and team. 

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