Oh, Hari,

What I can wish for in front of you,

Standing in front of you with shivering legs,

with no words,

Just feeling your Presence.

I don’t know if I am worthy of it,

But o lord you made me worthful today,

Thank you, Lord..

When the guru is standing beside you,

and Hari is standing in front of you,

What else I will need in this life,

O Prabhu,

Thank you,

Thank you for each and everything,

I love you,

You are an ocean of love,

You only know to give,

and you know what your child needs,

Keep us in your holy feet,

Oh, Lord keep us near you..

You are permanent,

Rest in temporary.

My dear ever-smiling lord,

You are everything,

You are a whole universe,

You are life,

You are peace,

You are happiness,

You are everything,

You are in everyone.

Oh divine,

You are my family,

I belong to you.

You have given a lot,

and still giving,

Oh, hari just remember,

Before a Bhagwan, you are my best friend..

Keep smiling,

Thank you,

Riya Om

PS: Thank you each and everyone for supporting my writings and giving me confidence to write more and more.