My younger sister and I were enjoying the summer in the hills. It was our last day, and we were trying to enjoy every moment there. At 2:00 PM, we went to catch the bus, but there was no bus at the bus stand. Being an elder one, it was my responsibility to take her home safely. So, I called the cab driver and asked him to drop us to Delhi, and he told me that prices were higher than usual. After many arguments, he settled on an average price and requested us to wait for an hour. So, for some time we went to the nearest hotel.

My sister desired to visit the local market, and I denied it as I was not feeling good. She went alone. After my 30 minutes nap, I did not find my sister in the room. I got worried, so I called her, and she did not pick up my first call, which made me even more anxious.

I heard so much noise on the road, and there I observed people running on the road, and a few terrorists were running behind them with guns and swords. I was numb after seeing that. I started calling my sister continuously, and she was not picking up my call. All the evil thoughts were coming into my mind. I started praying to the lord.

Finally, she picked up my 50th call. Where are you? Why are you not in the room till now? I asked. Everything is OK, and I am enjoying the weather, she said, and after hearing that, I started shouting and told her that there was a fight in the streets. She said, “Didi, some people are coming towards me.”After a nanosecond, I heard a gunshot.  I was continuously calling her name; I did not hear anything. I thought they killed her, and when I ran to check, I woke up.  

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PS: This is a fictional story based on my dream.