Do you know who said parenting was easy? Nobody.

Parenting is a plunge into deep waters with no knowledge of what waits beneath – rainbow-coloured reefs or vicious sharks? Perhaps both.

When it comes to parental guidance, no amount of advice from well-meaning people helps, not even books about parenting tips or videos on positive parenting.

So, what does help in knowing how to be a good parent? Read more

If ever there could be a one-word answer, it’s this: mindfulness. When you are aware and mindful in every moment with how you bring up your child, everything else will fall into place. It’s okay to mess up. It’s okay to make mistakes. It’s all part of the parenting process – for you and your child.There is no perfect parent.

And knowing this is positive parenting at its best.

When your child understands that you are a human being doing your best, evolving and learning alongside them, it is the truest way to raise them into a stable, emotionally sound adult. Why? Because they see you owning yourself, accepting yourself for who you are.

No amount of parenting advice can compensate for the powerful lesson that self-acceptance is. Here are a couple of posts that reinforce the same while elaborating on parental care.

Parenting is one of the most challenging sadhanas on the spiritual path. If you are a parent, you are already a sadhak.

1. Unconditional Love: A mother’s love for a child is one of the highest types. For a mother, it is full of personal sacrifices. A mother’s primary wish is to see her child well. She’s generally willing to give up anything for the welfare of her children.

It is love, yes, it is perhaps closest to pure love. It may even be the definition of quintessential love.

2. Single Parents and Broken Marriages: Children of single parents tend to take their own relationships more seriously because they have already experienced the fragility of it.

Never for the sake of a child or for any other reason should you ever put up with a partner who mistreats you. If you don’t move out of an abusive relationship, you are doing yourself and your child great disservice.

A life of dignity is your birthright.

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