Experiencing the Stillness

‘Finding calm in the chaos’ is the popular tagline these days but what does...

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Isn't illusion the most truthful reality


To my mother Matangi

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कुछ प्रश्न मृत्यु से….!

तुम अटल हो पर हो कैसी?😊

The Train You Missed

Should you have gotten up on time

Awakening to Truth

An ode to my beloved

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मेरी आंखों से देखो

मेरे भाव तुम्हारे लिए

Devi Calling

Devi's calling from within

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In Life You Get What You Want but are You Willing to Pay the Price

Unknown on the path of spirituality, an accidental life emerges

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आ अब लौट चलें

ओ साथी मेरे #TheWriteChoice

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