They love me not
Yet I am the truth too
I meet them all
At their first breath, as they cry out for air and milk

You are, hence I am
Once I come, I stay, yet my absence is loved
Who will befriend me?
No one has, no one does

I am a frequent companion in life
Yet I remain unloved
In the dark, I offer all of me, unconditionally
Yet, you all despise my presence

I am sad, I am Sadness.
My name; a word they dread.
My companions are tears
They are always here when I need them the most

Still, oh human! I am unloved, but  my opposite is loved
Happiness; my opposite- she always wins
Does the fault lie in me?
Who said I am bad and she is good?
Who said? Oh Human! Who lied to you?

I offer you comfort in misery,
Did you ever notice?
Did you ever notice that I am here when no one else is?

Tell me oh human!
When will you embrace me?
For sadness and happiness are but two sides of the same coin
The coin of life.

Without me, would you know the beauty of happiness?
So, rejoice that I am.
For now, I am my own eternal companion
Until you love me too

Loyally Yours,
Sad Sadness.

Note: Have you ever wondered how sadness would feel if it was personified? Pretty lonely, I’d assume. It is so deeply conditioned within us to always seek happiness and we rarely see the value in sadness. But the sun must set for it to rise again, and it is due to darkness that light can be appreciated. This poem is an ode to sadness, and a reminder for us to embrace all the colours of life.

P.S: And oh, I am not sad, I just heard a song on YouTube (suggested) which had interesting lyrics at the end: “Why should I fear sadness? I have met sadness a thousand times.” But at least I was inspired to write this poem based on those two lines.

P.P.S: If you haven’t watched it, I would highly recommend the movie Inside Out. I watched it a few years ago and it’s fantastic!

What are your thoughts about embracing sadness? Did this poem and those lyrics change your perspective too?