Pranam Param Pujya Swamiji 🙏🏻🙏🏻  The following is a tribute to my dear father who passed away peacefully at the age of 98 years today, without any old age related issues. 

Whom do I cry for

the countless ones I held so dear.

Or for the one today

for whom my lips curled up in prayer.

You passed away smilingly as if

you saw light at the end of the tunnel.

‘Karma’ and ‘Dharma’ were not merely principles

but mantras you lived by everyday.

Thanks to Swamiji

I have not turned into another Patacara.

There are no sons to give shelter

no father, no family for one seized by Death.

He says impermanence

is essence of existence.

Harmony and evolution flourish

on the principle of freedom.

Not how did he die

but how did he live.

You were the one

who taught me to hold on tight to God.

Always practising gratitude

with feelings and meaning on a daily basis.

Detachment to acquisition 

equanimity in all circumstances.

Say not in grief “he is no more”

but in thankfulness that “he was”.

I am with you

you are with me always in our hearts.

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