A seed when sown becomes a tree

Nourishing humans, birds, and insects alike

Making its life worthwhile

A rain drop merges in the river

Travels for miles in varied directions

Quenching the thirst of millions

A flower blooms in the nature

Pleasing the eyes of the people

And helping bees with nectar

But what becomes of a man?

How should he create his pedigree?

For in the end, he is to become a mere memory

We shall walk this earth

Share life’s experiences with our peers

Some happy, some not so dear

And one day we will leave this place

With no physical embrace

Our memory shall be our peers’ solace

Let us then strive to be a happy memory

Bringing a smile on their lonely days

Encouraging them when they need courage

Let our memory be that extra chair reserved in parties

The reason a dish is eaten in extra quantities

And that song our loved ones sing in unity

This is the only gift we can give

Making our life worthwhile

While we live in the sands of time

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