Komal's Writings

Let’s Respect You…

An insight on self-respect: You are Important ... first and foremost


Six tips to heal a broken heart.

Truth or Dare?

Can you truthfully admit it and do you dare strip them down!?

Hey You! Yes, You!

Are you there ... ?

The Three Ingredients

In the mindy jungle, the Lion sleeps tonight ...

That Love. Yes That One.

Without the beloved wanting the lover, there can't be a lover!


Or stuck?!

What’s the Meaning of Life?

That title sounds way too serious

Take It Easy Yo’

New Year's resolutions make me queasy! Here's my take on making resolutions a way...

Christmas Fun-Mass

Merry Christmas Ho! Ho! Ho!

Livin’ It Up!

How I started livin' and stopped thinkin'

The Birthday Gift ..

Your b'day is my celebration. Open your gift and let's pop some balloons, Pops.

What! Were You Thinking?

A technique that helps me reset the mind: Drop it like it's hot! Be...

Mind You!

Watch yo own movie: "The mind's game"

That Afternoon Feeling

That Afternoon Feeling: From restlessness to stillness