Komal's Writings

The Birthday Gift ..

Your b'day is my celebration. Open your gift and let's pop some balloons, Pops.

What! Were You Thinking?

A technique that helps me reset the mind: Drop it like it's hot! Be...

Mind You!

Watch yo own movie: "The mind's game"

That Afternoon Feeling

That Afternoon Feeling: From restlessness to stillness

Sparring Partners

Fighting over the little things in life reveals the bigger picture - Help each...

Lasya – The celestial dance of the...

Be a child and rejoice with Mother as She celebrates Her Motherhood

The Mind’s Game – Gaining Awareness

My understanding and practice of identifying the scheming mind.

WhatsApp Hygiene — Sanitising Convos

Experiencing mental peace by clearing out conversations

Identifying Our Tendencies

"God is hiding behind your tendencies"

The World is Our Mirror

We can improve through criticism. I do try, because sometimes the world is our...

Why Do Others Love Us?

How I understood the conditional nature of the world

The Social Media Spiral

An insight on how social media taken over our lives 'unknowingly'

Loving Yourself

Journey towards Self-Love: Practical tips which worked for me.

Why Do We Smile at Others?

I figured that there is more to a smile than meets the eye.


Flowing effortlessly with Nature- My understanding in practice