Komal's writings

Oh Beautiful Ocean!

Like Him, teach us life!

“Why Do We Have To Worship God?”

Does God like being worshipped?

Perfect Gift? Or Gift Perfectly?

Tips to select good gifts!

Livin’ Life to the Fullest! How?

Are we livin' it up or we leaving it? What does it mean to...

Birthday Joys!

You are our soothing balm, in this complex world. Happy Birthday Swami:)

Universal Power ~ Maybe. Maybe Not?

Does belief or lack of it change anything? Perhaps it's all just noise.

The Upside Down Tree

Bhagavad Gita verse 15.1 ~ A common understanding

Life Hacks for Yo’ Peace

Five tips to keep you on your tiptoes:)

os.me : An Antidote to Negativity

Yep, it can boost you up like nothing else!

Inner Calm = Outer Elegance?

Challenge: Does our inner calm show on the outside?

Mind Your Brain!

What's in what?



A Drop’s Journey and Ours.

Is it just a drop? Is it just a sip? Is it just food?

Covid-19: A Shining Light?

Did it shed light on our hidden problems?

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