Why am I writing it? I have no idea:) It’s probably not necessary but it just typed itself. Om Swami has written a comprehensive post, a 44mins-long post, explaining the Sri Suktam Sadhana, which everyone is pumped up for. With immense kindness and patience, He also replied to a lot of comments. Thanks to Him, we are now clear about how to proceed. 

If you will be doing the Sri Suktam Sadhana in the app, which is highly recommended, from what I understood, it will be very simple.

Expected steps for the Sri Suktam Sadhana in the Sadhana App.

Swami has simplified everything for us. He has spoon fed us and even pureed the food. Anyone can just swallow now! 
To avoid repetition via Q&As or WhatsApp, I thought it’d be a good idea to quickly condense everything in one post, based on the various comments, His post and information and feedback received from Priyanka too, in the comments. 


1. The sadhana begins on 24th October in the evening.

It will be fully available in the Sadhana App. 

2. At around your 7pm, local time, simply plug in your headphones and chant the day’s mantras.

There are 3 steps which He gave in His  post.

Step 1 is optional (and will not available in the App). But you can chant this outside the App if you like.

Step 2 Day wise mantra (which will change daily across the 16 days) will be available in Sadhana App.
It can be chanted via counter option (Rudraksha beeds) or as a timer (you can choose duration)

Step 3 – Sri Suktam chant will be available (Not in Om Swami’s voice.)

Once this is done, your evening routine is complete ✅ 

Yagna – Morning Ritual

1. In the morning, anytime before 7am, simply log in to the App and do the Yagna in Swami’s voice.

If you are in India, the Yagna will be available live at the same time that Om Swami is doing it, at 5.15am IST.

In Om Swami’s own words, from His post’s comments:

The app will feature live yajna, in other words, it’s absolutely live broadcast within the app. Once it’s over, the yajna will remain available in the app for the next 24 hrs I believe.

(I am mind blown about this feature. Live stream within the App – Only Swami and His team can do such Swamagic!)

The recording will be available a few hours after the live session has ended. The Sadhana Team will need to make some technical changes to have the session available as soon as they can. It’ll be the perfect time to practice patience!

2. So, basically, just log in and tap tap tap, with devotion and love!:)

No physical items required, none at all, except your phone and connectivity but the sadhana’s impact is expected to be as powerful. And once that’s done, your 25th October morning routine is complete too. Ta-da!✅ 

Day one done!

Repeat for 15 more days;) Easy peasy, right?

Important reminder from Priyanka (CEO of Sadhana App):

  • For best experience for Yajamanas, they must log into the App (Under settings -> Profile) with the same email address as per the donation form.
  • Oh, and just like another device where you’d watch live streaming, let’s ensure its 💥 powered up! Have a charger nearby.

If you already knew it all, thanks for reading, and if it helps anyone now or in years to come, then this post would have served its purpose.  Good luck:)