Initially I thought of sharing 10 things I learnt this year, but then why leave out last year, right? Life is a beautiful teacher because each moment, each feeling, each challenge and each thought, can teach us so much. What have you learnt over the past 12 months? I share some of my learnings below, although now after wrapping up this post, I realise that I learnt much more. But for now, here goes:

1. Don’t believe your mind. It’s all noise and lies.


2. You are doing much better than you think.


3. Follow your heart. If something isn’t giving you peace of mind, move away from it.


4. Failure does NOT define your worth. It is just society’s conditioning.


5. Mind magnifies all problems. Take a deep breath. Break the pattern and let it pass.


6. Nature’s way of unfolding things is beyond our grasp. Patience is key.


7. You can only love others if you feel good about yourself.


8. We are more attached to labels than we realise. Even the label of ‘I am learning to meditate’or ‘I am a student.’, are attachments. Would you be okay telling the world that you are no longer those labels? Try it. And imagine their reactions too. You might realise a thing or two about your attachment to labels.


9. Nothing really matters in the end. Live life and don’t fret over little things.


10. We are tied to everything and everyone. I looked around and found that my freedom is tied by invisible ropes. But the beautiful thing is that it is easy to untie them.


11. If we think that others are behaving a certain way towards us, it’s because that ‘behaviour’ is actually how we behave towards others. E.g. if you believe that someone is giving you the silent treatment, Stop. Reflect. Check. Would you have given that person the silent treatment in that same situation? Situations vary, but the insight is constant.


12. Compassion is the path to unconditional love. If we genuinely believe that the other person didn’t know any better or that they are under the grip of their innate tendencies, love will flow from the core of our being. Try it.

And that’s all from me. What are your learnings?;) Share some fun ones, go on!