The year is coming to an end. Oh you didn’t know?? Wakey wakey! Anyway I thought I’d share ten lessons which I learnt over the past 10 years. I had written a general one initially then had the idea of sharing one lesson per year based on my own learnings and experiences. Hope you like it:) It’s a bit deep but then we are deep into the year after all!


You seek in others what you feel is lacking in you. Little do we realise that they also seek to feel complete through other people.


When you are scared of taking a big step out of your comfort zone, know that “the fear of suffering is greater than the suffering itself.” God is taking care of you. Just walk one step at a time.


Everyone is on their own journey. Being positive helps make life more beautiful and you leave an impact on everyone you meet.


 Have the courage to follow your heart. You don’t have to do what the crowd is doing. Walk your own path.


The ‘you’ of yesterday doesn’t exist, the ‘you’ of tomorrow doesn’t either. The only ‘you’ who exists is right now. This was an experience and I am not able to do any justice to it through words.


You cannot yearn for God unless your heart yearns for the Divinity in humans first. Embrace every experience, it will take you to your destination.


Sometimes help is at your fingertip. God is right here but if our minds are too clouded, our vision remains veiled.


Unconditional love exists. The power of Divine grace is beyond our understanding.


Don’t be scared to put yourself out there. God wants you to grow and is walking with you.


Every success and every failure is moulding you for something bigger. Do your very best in everything you undertake, it will keep your self-esteem in check.


Live life one step at a time and just do what Nature is presenting you with.  And oh, be fearless!