Komal's writings

2y ago

The Link between Kindness and Meditation.

Could there be a link between RAKs and Meditation?

1 year ago

Make the Most of It!

Some tips to make the most of os.me

2y ago

Kool Kid Syndrome

When I tried to be the cool kid on the block.

2y ago

Why Should I Be Good?

"Good or bad? Why should I be good? What if I want to be...

2y ago

10 Years On – Om Swami’s Blog

Discover Your Own Truth- Let's celebrate this beautiful gift Swami gave the world:)

2y ago

Fitness or Fit-Less?

Looking fit v/s Being fit.

2y ago

os.me: One year on!

29th May 2020- One year since the beginning of os.me member posts

2y ago

Should We Change Others?

Is it a mistake?

2y ago

Habits of a Happy Devotee

An insight into the habits of a fulfilled devotee.

2y ago

We Love ’em. But Why?

The deeper love ...

2y ago

Do You Know?

Oh I don't ...

2y ago

Listening to Life

The subtle murmur of life.

2y ago

Truthful or Truth Full?

Are we being truthful?