Life is thrust upon us long before we understand it

It unfolds slowly, giving rise to questions

What is life? I asked.

How do I live? I wondered

Why are all these things happening around us and to us? Everyone asked inevitably

But futile were these questions, we realised

For, Life just is!

The crooked question marks are hammered into a straight line

An exclamation mark takes birth

Life? becomes Life!!!

What a life!

Those thoughts we have,

Trying to make sense of the world, they were only a reality made up by those around us

For what is real?

What is! is real.

Oh what fools we were,

We thought we held it all together

In trying to open the rose bud, we damage it

In leaving it to bloom, given enough time, we are engulfed in its fragrance 

The  beauty of divine grace unfolds the rose, and the fragrance

Of life too.

Yet, we stumble and cry, only to realise that it’s but a scraped knee 

A little bruise, healed in no time

We laugh and love, not knowing that in here lies our reality

Not knowing that our bliss seeks us more than we seek It.

We are guided silently, yet we take it for granted

As we realise the beauty of the journey of life,

We tilt our head back and exclaim

“Ah, What A Life!!”

At the end, 

It matters not how much we moaned

It matters not how much we complained

It only matters how much we gave

It only matters how much we loved

It matters only how true we were


Above all it matters most that we were true to ourselves,

Only then, can we exclaim, in awe:

“Ah! What A Life!”

With a smile:)